Welcome to custom.gear.host!

Ever had an idea for a program which would do certain things but you are not familiar with the suitable programming language
or you have plenty of routines to do on your PC that the computer could handle by itself?

I'm currently available for making you low-cost, highly-efficient, user-friendly and reliable applications.

Area of expertise:

-> Programs for all Windows platforms(desktop and laptop computers)
-> Programs for AutoCAD (including complex 3D operations)
-> Bitmap(.bmp) operations
-> Programs for CorelDraw(basics)
-> Programs for mathematical/geometrical experiments
-> Programs for modifying CNC programs(G-code)
-> Other text processing programs
-> Dynamic link libraries(.dll) to use with your own apps

It's difficult to say if I can solve your issue since there are many possibilities so feel free to send an inquiry via this contact form.
You will provide your e-mail/Skype address for further communication.

i Z !